brokker takes on the world! UK’s punk vanguard, Sex Pistols, will be released!

Sex Pistols, UK’s iconic punk pioneer which stole the scene in the late 1970s, will join brokker collection under the official license! Figures’ costumes are faithful reproductions of “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN” stage costumes. Sid Vicious’ chain necklace, known as “Sid Chain” among fans, is independently molded, and other details like band members’ instruments are meticulously perfected to the fans’ delight.


▶︎ Country of Sale: Japan, US, and UK
▶︎ Scheduled Release: January 31, 2019 (Thu) at 13:00 (Japan time).
▶︎ Suggested Price: JPY 9,800 / USS 106.40 / GBP 82.90


●Member : Vo/John Lydon , Gt/Steve Jones , Ba/Sid Vicious , Dr/Paul Cook
●Option : Mic&Stand , Guitar , Bass , Drumsticks
●Size : About 85mm
●Package Size:W320mm×H180mm(Brister)


About brokker…
A block toy with a height at 85mm embodies the world of the artist it represents. brokker is a Japanese toy brand specialized in designing musician figures with the quality to satisfy fans with attention to details. Currently, the brand primarily selects top and existing artists in the domestic market and steadily expands original lineups through direct engagement of the model artists as supervisors and its strong booking ability. The brand’s adherence to these principles is winning the support of fans, as well as the artists themselves.


In 2019, brokker will take to the global market with the release of Sex Pistols and expand the international lineup by modelling after artists from around the world.


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