【World’s First RATM Figures!】 brokker to release Rage Against The Machine figures!

Rage Against The Machine is more than just a band. Their impact extends far beyond music. brokker has been approved to release the first ever officially licensed RATM figures that includes all four members as a band!


We faithfully recreated the band’s look during their eye-opening performance at Woodstock ’99.


No detail was spared in recreating their instruments. At Tom Morello’s feet is a DigiTech-approved ‘Whammy’ pedal that is crucial to his distinctive style. These figures will please even their most diehard fans.


The figures will be packaged in our new deluxe blister box which will bring you closer to the band!


Check out our special site for more info!


●brokker “Rage Against The Machine” Product Details
・Release Date:2019.8.10.Sat
・Suggested Price:89 USD , 79.89 GBP
・Country of Sale:Japan, US, UK and China (Hong-Kong)
・Members : Vo/Zack de la Rocha, Gt/Tom Morello, Ba/Tim Commerford, Dr/Brad Wilk
・Included: Microphone, guitar & pedal, bass, drum sticks
・Size : Approx. 90mm
・Packaging:Blister box(W320mm H130mm D120mm)



(C) RATM under license to Probity
(C) 2019 DigiTech
(C) 2019 brokker


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