brokker “STRAY CATS”Coming Soon...brokker “STRAY CATS”Coming Soon...

brokker is proud to announce the STRAY CATS as the second figure set in the brokker foreign artist series.

2019 is the 40th anniversary of the STRAY CATS. To commemorate their anniversary, the founding members released “40”, their first new album in 25 years, on May 24th.

brokker chose to capture the band’s image circa 1983. We recreated everything from the individual members to their instruments in great detail. The Gretsch-type guitar, upright bass, and drum set included with the figures were made using new metal molds. Display them as if the band is performing live on stage.
brokker is very proud and honored to release these officially licensed STRAY CATS figures.

Brian SetzerBrian Setzer
Vo&Gt. / born April 10, 1959 / with guitar
Vocalist and guitarist of the STRAY CATS and the Brian Setzer Orchestra who has led the rockabilly scene to this very day. The atmosphere of 1983 and his beloved guitar have been vividly recreated.
Lee RockerLee Rocker
Ba. / born August 3, 1961 / with upright bass
Lee Rocker, who lays down the foundation of the STRAY CATS, has attracted many with his violently swinging basslines. The upright bass, a first for brokker, was produced with a new mold. If balanced properly, you can place Lee Rocker on it to recreate his aggressive playing style.
Sim Jim PhantomSim Jim Phantom
Dr. / born March 21, 1961 / with DrumSticks , Drums (SnareDrum , BassDrum , Cymbal)
Dr. / born March 21, 1961 / with drums
Slim Jim Phantom is the legendary drummer of the STRAY CATS and creator of the iconic ‘Standing Drum’ style. His drum set (bass drum, snare drum, and cymbal) was created using highly requested new metal molds.

brokker “STRAY CATS” Coming Soon...We will keep you Updated !!brokker “STRAY CATS” Coming Soon...We will keep you Updated !!

The second in the overseas artist series,
brokker “STRAY CATS” is scheduled to go on sale
in Japan, the United States, and Britain!
The latest information such as the price will be released later,
and updates are scheduled too!

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